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Stoney Gate Farm Welcomes Back Carrie Copley!

I (Rene) am excited to welcome back Carrie Copley for a second year of sponsorship.  Carrie is an equine massage practitioner – and a good one!  I originally met Carrie last year, when I was just about at the end of my rope trying to get my top eventer, Spartacus, more comfortable under saddle.  Carrie approached me with the offer of, “let me try massage, just to see if I can help.”  Although I was ignorantly skeptical of massage benefits (I had used another equine massage practitioner with zero results), I was blown away by Carrie’s genuine desire to help and agreed to her generous offer.  WOW!  The difference in my horse from one massage was absolutely incredible!  Spar has evolved into a very different horse for the better, going on to compete successfully at Intermediate.

Carrie is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic therapist that I highly recommend for humans and equines.  She’s attentive to detail, always willing to answer questions and offer insight, and never fails to check up on my horse after a massage.  Please visit her website at or click on the picture above.

Visit our Sponsorship Opportunities page for more info on how to get involved!

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