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SGF’s New Addition, “Benji” 

I have purchased a lovely young horse, Benji, to bring up and sell on.  I have a strong belief in following my gut and I’m so glad I did this time!  I found Benji’s ad a few months ago, but wasn’t quite ready to buy.  I prefer to break horses myself, as I can ensure they are started properly with no baggage attached.  However, I had the notion this spring that I would be much further ahead if I could find a young horse already started.  I looked at numerous horses, none which struck my interest, and kept coming back to Benji’s ad which clearly stated he was unbroke.  When I finally went to see him, his personality really drew me in, but it was his movement and brain that really blew me away.  This kid can MOVE!  With natural balance and flying changes, a silky smooth yet correct trot, and a floating canter, Benji already screams amateur mount.
Benji captured the attention and hearts of the ladies in the barn with his sweet personality in the first two days he was in the barn.  They were already putting dibs on who gets to ride him before he was even backed!  Wait, I thought I bought him? 😉   I have now backed Benji and am working on putting some basic flatwork on him.  I’m already impressed with his intelligence and calm nature – what an EASY horse to break and train!  He has proven to be the valuable ‘thinker’ type, instead of the ‘reactor’ type.  Benji hasn’t put a foot wrong since arriving.  I’m so excited to be working with him and can’t wait to see what he’ll do this summer.  Photos to come!

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