Stoney Gate Farm
22551 Jury Rd.
Middlesex Center, ON
Canada, N0L 1R0
Phone: (519) 472-5412


“I would like to thank Rene not only for the great lesson, but for your hard work with my wonderful horse. I can feel a difference already, very encouraging and really making me want to try really hard to keep up!”  – student

Rene coaching a student in warm-up


Lessons are available on property or off, taught by Rene Tiffin.  She is very in tune with rider’s goals and desires, helping them work towards them in attainable steps.  Rene specializes in building confidence in horse and rider.  Please Contact her if you’re interested in scheduling a lesson, she would love to talk to you about your goals! 

The riders at Stoney Gate Farm are very active competetively.  Rene Tiffin is available to coach you in warm-up and sometimes has a space available on her trailer.  Contact her if you’re interested in joining the Stoney Gate team! 


Some of Rene’s Students…

“I can’t believe the difference in my horse.  Rene has such positive training and makes it clear to my horse when he’s done it right.  He actually likes to work now!” – student

Claire and Calypso WINNING their second event ever!

Claire and Calypso were recommended to Stoney Gate Farm for assistance in fulfilling Claire’s dream of eventing.  When they arrived in the fall of 2010, they were a very new and green pair.  Claire was rebuilding confidence from a previous mount and still green herself, while “Callee” was a green as grass 5 year old.  After a winter of hard work and a few months of Callee in training with Rene, Claire and Callee were a brand new team.  They began the show season with their first event ever, had double clear XC/SJ rounds, and brought home a 5th place ribbon!  At their second event, they blew the field of 24 riders out of the water and WON! 

Lauren and Starstruck putting in a clear round


Lauren and Starstruck arrived at Stoney Gate Farm unable to make it around a course of jumps without a refusal/runout.  “John” often refused at even a single crossrail and they had never placed at a show.  Not only are they producing better flatwork, they have improved to cantering Entry level courses with clear rounds every time out! Lauren and John placed 2nd at their first event of the season, WON their second event, and recently won a Combined Test!  With clear cross country and stadium rounds at every show this season, Lauren and John are knocking out the competition everywhere they go.  Lauren and John even qualified for Finals this year!  

Amanda and Omega warming up for dressage at their first event


Amanda brought her horse, Omega, to Stoney Gate Farm with great basics and looking to improve upon them.  She was tentatively hoping to compete in just the dressage phase at a local event, 2 months from her arrival.  “Rio” was gaining strength and balance, while Amanda was redefining her goals every other week to match their improvement.  In just a few weeks, it was clear that they were improving at such an incredible rate that it wasn’t out of their reach to do all 3 phases!  They finished their first event together in 2nd place!