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El Encantador Is Sold, But Not Gone & Stall Opens Jan. 1st

My adorable little teddy bear, Benji, has been sold to Lisa Clark!  Congratulations, Lisa!  I hadn’t even had Benji advertised for an hour when Lisa jumped at the chance to purchase him.  Benji has been a barn favourite since the moment he arrived – he was dubbed “El Encantador,” which is Spanish for “The Enchantor.”  I’m not only thrilled that Benji has found an excellent rider and horsewoman, but that Lisa has decided to keep him at SGF!  I am so excited to help them progress and can’t wait to see what they do together.

On a sadder note, my long time student and boarder, Lauren Kochanowski, has decided to take John with her to school when she returns to U of Ottawa after Christmas break.  I am happy that she has settled in quickly and will have her horse to keep her company, but we will certainly miss them both!  Best of luck to Lauren and John in their new city.  We will have a stall opening up January 1st, 2012.  Please contact Rene for more details: (519) 472-5412  or

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