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Congratulations to Rio and Amanda!

Congratulations to Amanda Haryett and Omega (aka “Rio”)!  They completed their first horse trial together (Rio’s first HT ever) this past weekend and finished 2nd out of a good sized field!  Rio is a relatively new horse for Amanda and still quite green.  Amanda and Alicia have done a great job putting “the basics” on Rio, then made the decision to put him in Training with Rene for the month of September to further his education and improve communication between Rio and ‘his girls.’  Rio has proven to be a level-headed mount and a quick learner with heaps of potential – what a great choice these girls made in their purchase of him!  Amanda has been working hard and has come a very long way in the short couple months she’s been at Stoney Gate Farm.  She managed to breathe during her dressage test and had a great dressage ride for her greenie’s second time off property!  Amanda followed instructions to the letter on both XC and SJ, giving Rio quiet, confidence building rides.  She finished double clear!

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