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Caledon Horse Trials – Congrats to SGF Riders!

Claire and Callee, beautifully turned out for dressage!


One of Rio’s Exuberant Efforts

We headed up to Caledon Horse Trials this past weekend for SGF riders Claire Nicol and Alicia Haryett’s very first horse trial!  Both their horses are quite green and had never competed in a recognized horse trial – I was hoping for, above all, a safe and educational weekend.  I am thankful for both and more!  Claire’s dressage was somewhat disappointing, as she and Callee school so beautifully at home; however, they came out with experience and the recognition that, for their first time in the ring, their ride was an accomplishment!  One thing that I was very pleased to see was Claire’s focus and ability to ride the unrecognizeable horse Callee suddenly morphed into when she entered the ring.  Their test got better as it went on and Claire was able to turn the nervous situation into a positive experience for Callee.    Their  stadium round was picture perfect and the course designer even came up to the SGF crew on the rail to say what a fantastic round it was and that was exactly how he hoped it would ride!  What a flattering compliment to receive at your first horse trial!  Claire and Callee finished both SJ and XC double clear, to finish on their dressage score and in 6th place!  Congratulations, Claire!!! 

Alicia and Rio warmed up well in dressage and had some lovely moments in the ring.  For a green pair, they should be proud of those moments that they acheived.  Stadium went well, with some large efforts put in by Rio.  Kudos to Alicia for staying on his greenie leaps!  Rio got away from her a bit through a downhill turn and they lost some steering.  However, Alicia recouperated well and there were no problems on their second attempt.  There was some unfortunate miscommunication on XC at a crowded, somewhat confusing approach.  Overall, both girls came home with invaluable lessons learned and clear goals to work towards. 

Finally, a huge thank you to Amanda and Janet, who tirelessly groomed, made food runs, and encouraged throughout the weekend!  THANK YOU! 

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