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Belvoir Hunter Pace

The Belvoir Hunter Pace was a huge success for SGF riders Alicia, Claire, Lauren and myself!  Alicia and Claire took their greenies Rio and Callee with aims of a good experience in a light XC school and off property outing, coming home with just that.  Alicia piloted Rio through some excellent introductory questions, including an uphill jump, a brush/rail, and through the river.  It was only Claire and Callee’s 2nd XC schooling together.  Callee was visibley gaining confidence with every jump and Claire rode her softly and smoothly – they have a very bright future!  I took Gordon for a tune up on XC (and, I admit, because he’s the most level headed to hack and teach off – he’ll hack/stand on the buckle all day) and he did very well, jumping Training level questions including a chevron, corner, sunken road, and table.  He continues to show so much potential each time out.  Lauren and John got a bit bored with the greenies’ excessive walking and had the pleasure of meeting up with a friend for a more active ride. 🙂

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